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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windows 8 & Multitouch - It's HERE!

Ok so I like so many others was having issues running the PS3 CL-Eye driver using the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

I had tried modifying the USB system drivers from Windows 8 by using the older Windows 7 drivers without success.

Below is a short demo of it working on my table:

And here’s the Backend:

So here’s how I got it to work...

1). I removed the CL-Eye drivers that I had installed that kept crashing when I tried to run the CL-Eye Test program.

2). Then restarted the system.

3). Installed the older PS3 Eye drivers by AlexP (PS3Eye Camera Setup v3.0.0.0901.exe) <-- Lucky I had this still on my machine!

***EDIT: Here is a LINK for the PS3 Driver

4). Run the test program and Wham! Picture!

5). Installed CCV (I think it was ver1.2 that I had at the time)

6). Downloaded and installed the SurfaceRuntime.msi package from Microsoft

7). Downloaded the BSQSimulator (Release 1.1 AnyCPU.rar) and the Driver (Driver_32Bit-64Bit.rar)

8). Installed the BSQSimulator Driver because I don’t have surface installed on my Windows 8 Drive.

9). Ran CCV, BSQSimulator - (in Administrator mode) and everything works!

I’d be interested in other peoples experiences so please let me know how you go!


Tarrek Shaban said...

Im attempting the same thing, but for some reason BSQ is not recieving any TUIO codes from CCV.. yay

100below said...

I've tried to use BSQ before but with no success. I have Surface 2.0 SDK, but every time I run BSQ, it crashes a few seconds later. I've tried every option mentioned on the release thread and the author barely knows English so he's not really any help

Fernando Rayon said...

Hi Could you tell me what version of windows 8 are you running? cause I tried but BSQSimulator does not work please help me thanks

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