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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windows 8 & Multitouch - It's HERE!

Ok so I like so many others was having issues running the PS3 CL-Eye driver using the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

I had tried modifying the USB system drivers from Windows 8 by using the older Windows 7 drivers without success.

Below is a short demo of it working on my table:

And here’s the Backend:

So here’s how I got it to work...

1). I removed the CL-Eye drivers that I had installed that kept crashing when I tried to run the CL-Eye Test program.

2). Then restarted the system.

3). Installed the older PS3 Eye drivers by AlexP (PS3Eye Camera Setup v3.0.0.0901.exe) <-- Lucky I had this still on my machine!

***EDIT: Here is a LINK for the PS3 Driver

4). Run the test program and Wham! Picture!

5). Installed CCV (I think it was ver1.2 that I had at the time)

6). Downloaded and installed the SurfaceRuntime.msi package from Microsoft

7). Downloaded the BSQSimulator (Release 1.1 AnyCPU.rar) and the Driver (Driver_32Bit-64Bit.rar)

8). Installed the BSQSimulator Driver because I don’t have surface installed on my Windows 8 Drive.

9). Ran CCV, BSQSimulator - (in Administrator mode) and everything works!

I’d be interested in other peoples experiences so please let me know how you go!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

App Scroller 1.1 (BETA) Now Available!

Well as some of you may remember I have been working on an App Scroller based on the original App Loader for Multi-touch Flash applications. I have not done a lot more on the application source code for a very long time and due to popular demand I have posted the source code and instructions so that someone else may finish the job so to speak =)

Below is the source and example applications along with the XML needed to make changes to the menu style.


AppScroller_Source.rar (File Size: 18.12MB - Downloads: )

AppScroller_BETA(EXE).rar (File Size: 2.21MB - Downloads: )

This is an example of the AppList.xml file located in the \src\deploy\www\xml folder:

The Background image can be changed at any time by changing the filename inside the Background tag E.g.

The Applications are stored inside the
tags and point to the directories where the thumbnails (both top and bottom), file, and descriptions are stored. E.g.

<about>A Multi-touch Pegs Game</about>

Please see the AppList.xml file for more information as I have added comments to make customization easier =)

Good Luck!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cable Making Time!

So I was hunting around for a particular FFC cable when the same mate at Panasonic told me he had a few 40 pin cables lying around!

I got to modifying them finally and it works! Here are the results =)

Original cable is on top and the one to modify is underneath

All modified and conencted

Up close of the connectors

And yes the screen turns on =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The DSI Project - Take 2!

Ok so this is what I think happened...

A long time ago when I first made The DSI Project I must have accidently crimped one of the flat ribbon cables to the LCD module. This didn't cause any problems at the time and as you can see from the video in the last post, it worked just great!

Over approx 6 months there were no issues, then just before Christmas 2010, vertical lines started appearing and changed when pressure was applied to the LCD. With my past experiences in the flat-panel industry I knew this was bad and irreversible.

So I stopped with Mutltiouch for a while angry that I never noticed it before, till a mate of mine at Panasonic donated a 32" TX-32LWD500A LCD to me!

So I'm back! And below are some pics of the new module installed into The DSI Project - Take 2!

This cable needs to be extended... Oh long days ahead for me!

But it all fits! =)