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Monday, September 8, 2008

TouchEarth Name Change

Due to a confusion between the NUI developed Application called TouchEarth by Pawel Solyga which is an interface to Google Earth and touchEarth~NWW Edition that Taha and I have developed, we have decided to change the name of our application from touchEarth~NWW Edition to touch~WorldWind aka touchWW, to stop any confusion from occuring between the 2 excellent applications.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

POP!mt - A Multi-touch Bubble Wrap Game (Part 2)

POP!mt is now a Multi-player Bubble wrap game for 2-4 Players. The aim is to pop all your bubbles before the other players do.
The first player to do so will be prompted with a “Player x Wins” screen (see below screenshots)
Pressing Reset clears the canvas of pressed bubbles and starts the game again.

I got the idea to make this game from this post and also flash Bubble Wrap game that I’d play to “de-stress” at work. After seeing the above post and the request for Multi-touch from Nuiman, I thought “How hard can that be?” and that’s when POP!mt was born.

At this stage the game uses Mark’s Touch library (as I want to make my own) which can be found here:

I’ve added some screen shots of the game and a Beta version for whoever wants to give it a go.

Feedback is welcomed!

Click the link below to download the game:
POP!mt 2.0 Beta (File Size: 1.39MB)

There is also a quick video on YouTube (or older post here:) showing the very first version in action.