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Saturday, March 23, 2013

iPad integration in Ford - Part 3

So now it was time to design the app for the climate controls and also design and build the interface to communicate with the iPad app and the Ford controls. This is the original Ford combined CD Player and climate control panel.

So then I coded up the app in Xcode and built my module (which will not be shown due to copyright). Here is the first draft screenshot of the Ford Integration App

The design of the app changed progressively over time to include a rotary volume knob to better match the look and feel of the standard radio, including multiple background options.

Everything is tested and working better than expected! A video will be posted soon in Part 4..

iPad integration in Ford - Part 2

After the initial frame was built it was time to putty and spray the bezel. Here is the final panel sprayed with Matt Black Bumper Primer

Monday, March 18, 2013

iPad integration in Ford - Part 1

A while ago I was installing a custom iPad mount into a mates car when I thought I needed a large touch screen in mine. I originally toyed with the idea of installing a widescreen 19" touch enabled monitor vertically, however that proved to be way to overkill. It seems it was made for an iPad. And construction began...
Below are some construction pics...

Original Dash with modified tissue box holder for Double Din Radio. (First Mod)

Starting the iPad Bezel

Initial placement test

Partial mold including new Double Din bezel

More to come...

SMS Alert Flow Switch

Although I have been quiet lately on my blog, I have been working on a few projects. One of which is an SMS alert system for a friends pump shed for his farm. This system is pretty straight forward and not overly complicated, however there were some requirements that made the code a bit tricky to sort out. Uses an Arduino UNO and an GPRS Shield. Total cost around AU$150. Anyway, here is the final result.