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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windows 8 & Multitouch - It's HERE!

Ok so I like so many others was having issues running the PS3 CL-Eye driver using the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

I had tried modifying the USB system drivers from Windows 8 by using the older Windows 7 drivers without success.

Below is a short demo of it working on my table:

And here’s the Backend:

So here’s how I got it to work...

1). I removed the CL-Eye drivers that I had installed that kept crashing when I tried to run the CL-Eye Test program.

2). Then restarted the system.

3). Installed the older PS3 Eye drivers by AlexP (PS3Eye Camera Setup v3.0.0.0901.exe) <-- Lucky I had this still on my machine!

***EDIT: Here is a LINK for the PS3 Driver

4). Run the test program and Wham! Picture!

5). Installed CCV (I think it was ver1.2 that I had at the time)

6). Downloaded and installed the SurfaceRuntime.msi package from Microsoft

7). Downloaded the BSQSimulator (Release 1.1 AnyCPU.rar) and the Driver (Driver_32Bit-64Bit.rar)

8). Installed the BSQSimulator Driver because I don’t have surface installed on my Windows 8 Drive.

9). Ran CCV, BSQSimulator - (in Administrator mode) and everything works!

I’d be interested in other peoples experiences so please let me know how you go!