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Friday, November 7, 2008

CHALKmt - A Multi-Touch Chalk Board Application

CHALKmt is a multi-touch chalk board application that I made using AS3. CHALKmt allows multi-user/multi-touch interaction of Chalk Boards that can be scaled/rotated/moved and even wiped clean!

There are 2 versions available for download (Wall & Table). The difference between the 2 is the number and position of the '+' buttons that add the Chalk Boards to the screen. The Wall version (ChalkMTWall_Beta 1.0.rar) has 2 top left & top right, while the table version (ChalkMT_Beta 1.0.rar) has 4 on each corner.

This just makes the layout easier for the different Multi-touch setups people are using.

I hope you like it, and as always your feedback is welcome!


Wall Version: ChalkMTWall_Beta 1.0.rar (1.08Mb)
Table Version: ChalkMT_Beta 1.0.rar (1.08Mb)
MAC Test Version: ChalkMT_Beta (4.4Mb)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

touchWorldWind Beta is Available Now!

As we have been promising, there is now a version available for download of touchWorldWind. Please note that touchWorldWind is still a beta version and has only been released due to popular demand.
There are still some ironing out to do with some of the gestures etc, that Taha and I are working on…

Having said that, enjoy the download!

Download: touchWorldWind (2.63Mb)

The download includes a readme file explaining the features/requirements...