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Saturday, April 2, 2011

App Scroller 1.1 (BETA) Now Available!

Well as some of you may remember I have been working on an App Scroller based on the original App Loader for Multi-touch Flash applications. I have not done a lot more on the application source code for a very long time and due to popular demand I have posted the source code and instructions so that someone else may finish the job so to speak =)

Below is the source and example applications along with the XML needed to make changes to the menu style.


AppScroller_Source.rar (File Size: 18.12MB - Downloads: )

AppScroller_BETA(EXE).rar (File Size: 2.21MB - Downloads: )

This is an example of the AppList.xml file located in the \src\deploy\www\xml folder:

The Background image can be changed at any time by changing the filename inside the Background tag E.g.

The Applications are stored inside the
tags and point to the directories where the thumbnails (both top and bottom), file, and descriptions are stored. E.g.

<about>A Multi-touch Pegs Game</about>

Please see the AppList.xml file for more information as I have added comments to make customization easier =)

Good Luck!


Glenn said...

mr fairlane i can see your understanding of electrical engineer owns mine. we should hang out. which university would i need to go to chill. i know a surfer chick in australia who would let me hang out...i was looking for some old code i have on my tower while i was on my new laptop and couldnt find what i was looking for cause of how buried it must be. found the folder on the tower when i got home, and could have vnc'd the whole time was acting childish from some new pills.

sohaib said...

thanks for app scroller. but when i touch menu button in app then the main menu appears with the app overlaps the main menu.plz help me regarding this. thanks

caquil said...

Can you please send me a limk to download an exe file for windows, since I have no Flash andI am not good at programming but woul like to test App Scroller 1.1


Paul D'Intino said...

Hi caquil,

I have added the projector file (.exe)to the post you can download it and add it to the deploy folder.

caquil said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks. Very kind of you

Anonymous said...

Could you explain me how to deploy or use your app, I tried to open the .fla file (and publish it using Flash pro) or directly run the .swf but it doesn't work?
What should I do with the ext, int, src folders?
Many Thanks

Moderador said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for sharing this app.
can you help me? I´m tring to use, but i just can see the background image. when i try to export using flash 5.5 or 5 I receive this error: TypeError: Error #2007: at

Can you help me?

Patri said...

Hello Paul...
I'm Patricia and i working in a project with my university. I have some problems with the calibration of my programs, i tested yours like the match and the calibration work perfectly...i want to know how did u do it...

thank you so much!

Patri said...

hi Paul,
i need your help, i want to calibrate a program and i dont know how to do it...
yiour programs work perfectly.. i dont know if u can give some hint!!

Im working in a project at the university with a multitouch table..

thnak you!!

MRIGANKA BHUSAN Debnath said...

hi please give me your mail id.