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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The DSI Project" - Part 1

Well It's been a busy weekend and I have only just got around to take more pics of the setup. I have named the coffee table "The DSI Project" for lack of a better name =)

The pictures above and left are screenshots of my new Flash AppScroller Menu which I will be releasing in the near future...

Below are some pictures of the inside and make-up of the table, and I have also thrown in a video of the Motorised 3-Port USB Hub that used. It is touch controlled and tucks away nicely when not in use. Makes for a great flush finish...Not bad for AUD$12!

I'll post some specs and measurements hopefully when I get more time...

Until then, as always... Enjoy! =)

The Motorised 3-Port USB Hub:

3-Port Motorised USB Hub from Paul D'Intino on Vimeo.

The first pic is the table complete, and the second is the table with the front bezel off.

Now the side panel must be removed to un-plug the Endlighten panel so it can be removed. (Each side wall is held in with 4 screws and the front and rear have 6)

This is a shot of the LCD panel with a foam surround to protect the edges of the glass panel (I'm not willing to break 2 LCD panels!) The LCD is fixed to a sheet of acrylic - Another sheet of Endlighten in this case which is counter-sunk and fixed into the wood for support and strength.

The top and inside views of the table which I will explain in detail in the next post.

Now the whole table with the pieces.

This is the underside of the bezel showing the cut-out groove for the Endlighten sheet.

The USB Hub, Power socket, Switch and PC Power button...

The finished table... At least for now.. ;-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

32" DSI Multitouch Table [Updated]

So now I pretty much have the table completed, and only the finishing touches to go.
I've been away on my honeymoon for 7 weeks and only now just getting back to the multitouch table.

Check out the poorly managed, un-optimised, one-handed filming and demonstration of the table using TouchWorldWind JAVA. =)

TouchWWJ First Test from Paul D'Intino on Vimeo.

I used an old Subwoofer terminal plate to house the power switch and AC plug. =)

I'll be adding more info very soon but for now, here's a couple of pics of what the table looks like...