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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arduino & Servo Control Using The Mouse

After the iPhone & Arduino project, I wanted to try some mechanical objects with the Arduino MEGA. This is the first test of controlling a Servo connected to the Arduino MEGA by moving the mouse.

The mouse X axis is read by a Processing Sketch and then sent to the arduino to tell the servo to rotate.

I have updated the code to include Y axis, however I only have 1 servo at the moment =P

I will post a new video once I have received more servos...

UPDATE: Here are the Processing and Arduino source codes for this project:

ServoAppArduino.pde(File Size: 755 Bytes - Downloads:

ServoAppTest1.pde(File Size: 1.31KB - Downloads:


Saturday, November 21, 2009

iPhone & Arduino: Controlling 2 LED's Using WiFi

Ok so it's been quite a while between posts.

I've been working on some projects using the Arduino MEGA.

In this example I've used the iPhone connected to Arduino via WiFi using a custom layout from TouchOSC to control the Green and Red LED's. The application sending information to the Arduino is Processing.