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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The DSI Project - Take 2!

Ok so this is what I think happened...

A long time ago when I first made The DSI Project I must have accidently crimped one of the flat ribbon cables to the LCD module. This didn't cause any problems at the time and as you can see from the video in the last post, it worked just great!

Over approx 6 months there were no issues, then just before Christmas 2010, vertical lines started appearing and changed when pressure was applied to the LCD. With my past experiences in the flat-panel industry I knew this was bad and irreversible.

So I stopped with Mutltiouch for a while angry that I never noticed it before, till a mate of mine at Panasonic donated a 32" TX-32LWD500A LCD to me!

So I'm back! And below are some pics of the new module installed into The DSI Project - Take 2!

This cable needs to be extended... Oh long days ahead for me!

But it all fits! =)

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