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Friday, July 4, 2008

ORION V2 Laser Test 1

This is my first attempt at implementing a cheap IR laser into the ORION V2.

Essentially the laser creates a horizontal beam of InfraRed light approx 1mm off the glass, which is broken when fingers make contact with the surface of the glass.

This results in the IR camera seeing a bright 'Blob' where the finger has touched the glass.

A great solution to the limitation of using the Multi-touch screens during the day or under a lot of ambient lighting. A big thankyou to AlexP for the Laser idea!

And don't forget to visit the post at the NuiGroup forum here


Bill said...

I ordered the same laser with lens (GREAT BUY ).Where did you get the IR laser? Did you purchase from Thor or use an old CD writer?


Paul D'Intino said...

Hey there Bill, yeah I used a DVD-Rom IR Laser diode. You can see the post on the forums here:

I've listed specs etc on page 5 of that link.

Good luck with your setup, Cheers!

Itai Bar-Haim said...

I don't understand how to setup the laser... The spreading doesn't make sense to me, if a laser supposed to give a thin beam... Can you post some drawings of the physics behind it or something like that?


Paul D'Intino said...

Hi there Itai,

You can see the post by Alex here:

It explains how the plane of infrared light created by the line laser is broken by the finger and then this interruption of IR light is registered by the IR camera.

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anandhi said...

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I think that is the coolest way to do that stuff. I used the laser from my old cd-rom, but it didn't produced the same effect.