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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long time between posts

It's been a while since I have updated this site, and to those who visit regularly it's about time I said something! So, at the moment I am adding improvements to the NASA World Wind multi-touch plugin, and at this stage there still seems to be a rotating issue. As you pull your fingers apart the globe zooms in and the software detects that the fingers are moving away from each other at speed. The problem is that the rotate function is very similar. It is very hard to drag 2 fingers away from each other without rotating them slightly around a central point, hence rotate and zoom seem to be tied. It is something that I will need to debug for some time to get right (otherwise I will remove the rotate function!)

Also I am currently toying with the idea of Multi-touch Texas Hold'em and a Touch event based BlackJack. The BlackJack doesn't need to be Multi-touch, I just think it would be nice in my AppLoader menu as one of the games ;-)

As more information becomes available I will let you know.


Lynn V. Marentette said...


I'm interested in multi-touch. I didn't know NASA World Wind allowed for this capability.

I have a demo of a prototype I did for a team project using Google Earth, for a large touch screen. It is located somewhere on my blog:

Interactive Multimedia Technology

Paul D'Intino said...

Hey Lynn,

Yeah I checked out your blog. Is it the Globe with pictures video? When the Nasa WW plugin is ready i'll post it so you can try it out. There is a beta version on the blog under downloads.



Lynn V. Marentette said...

Hi, Paul.

The video of the globe with photo-overlays is the one.

I'll take a look at the BETA version. I have lots of globe ideas- even content for activities to teach vocation and career awareness to developmentally delayed students preparing for community-based vocational training experiences.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul :) good to see you blogging again, i always wait eagerly to see what is your next app he he :)

Anonymous said...

man i feel so dumb :| i dint see when this was posted :P

Paul D'Intino said...

Nice Sharath! Thanks for making me laugh! hehe =P

Sharath said...

:P been long time now since you posted new, seems like you are busy, btw im working on python now

I'm really inspired by your contributions to nuigroup :)

Paul D'Intino said...

Thanks mate, yeah it's been a while since I posted cause I've been on holidays and busy playing with LED-LP LCD portable setups. It's great that you've been playing with Python, and love the Logo too!

I'll be posting soon once the LCD setup is complete.