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Saturday, March 23, 2013

iPad integration in Ford - Part 3

So now it was time to design the app for the climate controls and also design and build the interface to communicate with the iPad app and the Ford controls. This is the original Ford combined CD Player and climate control panel.

So then I coded up the app in Xcode and built my module (which will not be shown due to copyright). Here is the first draft screenshot of the Ford Integration App

The design of the app changed progressively over time to include a rotary volume knob to better match the look and feel of the standard radio, including multiple background options.

Everything is tested and working better than expected! A video will be posted soon in Part 4..


Jugendherberge Posen said...

Masz dobre zdanie na różne tematy.

Steve Kerr said...

Have you done anymore work on this project? I'm interested in your App for the iPad to control the Ford Climate controls. I've got a 2012 F150 and a 2014 Ford Explorer. I've already got an iPad in my F150. Just looking to add more controls to the iPad. Did you create the module to interface with the vehicle?