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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NUI Group Community Book - Multi-Touch Technologies

It's here! The first edition release of the NUI Group community book Multi-Touch Technologies.

This book comprises state of the art articles from the NUI Group Community Wiki, as well as several chapters written by leading experts in the field specifically for this publication. Detailing basic hardware technologies as well as the process of developing software suited for multi-touch systems, this book provides a technical introduction to the world of multi-touch.

I am proud to have been a contributer to this book, and my "How-To" section has been included also. Please check it out as it is full of helpful information. Well done to all who made it happen..

Click here to download a copy of the book..

For more info please see the original post here at NUIGroup.


Touch User Interface said...

I just have to say this: that’s freaking awesome. +1 to awesomeness.

Paul D'Intino said...

I'm glad you like it... We hope it will become the reference point for an introduction to multitouch Technology for new members...

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