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Friday, April 17, 2009

LED-LP 19" Widescreen Multi-touch LCD - First Tests

So, I've been to Japan and back, but now I've finally found the time to get back into some multi-touch projects I started some months ago. This is my first video of the LED-LP (LED-Light Plane) 19" Widescreen multi-touch LCD prototype I am building.

There are a total of 40 IR LED's around the LCD panel, a PS3 Eye Webcam mounted behind the LCD module, and tbeta running for the blob detection.

This video is of the tbeta main screen where the raw camera feed and applied filters can be seen.

(NOTE: There are some glitches/false inputs being detected and that is due to reflection of IR from the back acrylic onto the LCD's PCB. This can be fixed easily by covering the PCB with non-reflective material.)


Shaunak said...

Are you using some special LEDs [like the SFH4550] or will any general IR LEDs do?

Paul D'Intino said...

Yes I was using the SFH4550 LED's however any IR LED will work it just depends on the sensitivity of the camera/IR filter that you are using.

chris said...

Would you mind explaining how LED-LP works? I am in the process of building a multitouch LCD but am not quite sure how to proceed. I have taken the LCD apart, rigged the camera to only allow IR in, purchased the LED's but am now trying to decide how to set them up. What was your set up like?