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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NASA World Wind Plugin

Ok, so it's been a long time coming, and I have stumbled onto a plugin for NASA World Wind. Unfortunately, this version doesn't work :( However, our good friend at NUI Skeeet, has re-compiled it, and we have a working version!

Here's a quote from the original website:

WorldWind Multitouch Plugin

This is a rudimentary, stub, C# WorldWind plugin which listens for multitouch input using the TUIO protocol, and interprets a basic set of finger gestures to control WorldWind. Supported gestures are single finger drag to spin the globe, pinch and spread to zoom, and two-finger rotate to roll the camera.

You’ll need:

* NASA WorldWind 1.4
* A working installation of touchlib or reacTIVision (or for testing, TUIO Simulator)

To run the plugin:

Copy DanTouchEarthPlugin.dll into your WorldWind 'Plugins' folder, start WorldWind, and use the Plugins menu to load the 'DanTouchEarthPlugin' plugin. Once the plugin is loaded, it will start listening for TUIO events. Next, use touchlib (run OSC.exe) or (easier) the JAVA TUIO_Simulator to generate TUIO events.

Please see the original post at NUIGroup here for more info.


You can download a working version from here: DanTouchEarthPlugin.rar (file size: 10kb)

I've tested the plugin using Using OSC + simple-2point.avi and it works very well.

The movement is limited but finally a plugin for Nasa WW that I happened to stumble onto while surfing the net! Yay!

More testing to come!

NOTE: I have updated this post and download link to refer to the newer one.

Please see updated link here

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