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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

App Loader (+ User Background Image) Plus Guide!

AppLoader (+ user background image) is now available. I have modified the code slightly to allow for a background image of your choice to be displayed.

Click on the link to download: AppLoader.rar (Size: 3.33Mb)


A long Press (5 seconds) will activate the pop-up menu to allow you to exit the program by pressing 'x'...see above pics

I have also written this easy guide for anyone who wants to make there own.

Before i start, I have included the files needed to run your own AppLoader so don't worry. :-) Also, I am an absolute beginner at flash so if I can do it, so can you!

I have also included the source files if you wanna make your own changes too :) ... I didn't write this program (and I can't find out who did - it's not in the readme on the SVN), but it's really easy to modify so here goes...

Getting Started:

1) Download the attached file below.

2) Once you have extracted the files, they should be added in your [b]'deploy'[/b] directory (e.g. C:\Multitouch\touchlib\AS3\src\deploy and make sure that the global flash security settings link to the swf or folder.

(I selected my entire directory (/src) and added it to the site to make sure that any program I put in the 'src' or 'deploy' directory will run without an issue. )

Adding Apps / Editting AppLoader:

So now I'm gonna try and explain how to edit it... There is a script inside the file that enables custom background images when activated. I have already done this and given you the AppLoaderBack.exe file for that.

The Background image can be changed at any time by changing the file "\deploy\www\img\apploaderBack.jpg".

Applications can be added by editing the file "\deploy\www\xml\applist.xml"

I edited the applist.xml file and added the name of the program I wanted. Under the Category in the applist.xml file you will find the name of the program (e.g. WaterRipples) and the description to be displayed (Water Ripples for fun). The AppLoader will then look for the file “WaterRipples.swf” in the ‘deploy’ directory to try and load it when the load button is pressed. (NOTE: AppLoader only loads .swf files).

If you change the ‘name’ in the applist.xml file, then you need to change the .swf name in the deploy directory.

Here’s a sample of my applist.xml file:

<body>Water Ripples for fun</body>

Sometimes if though you do this, the app still wont load! I’ve found that a different build of the app (.swf) may fix this.

To get the screenshots and thumbnails to work, you’ll need to put the files under "\deploy\www\img\apps" They are (E.g. “WaterRipples_screenshot.jpg” and “WaterRipples.png")
You must make the name the same as the name listed in the applist.xml file for the images to be displayed. The Thumbnail size default is 72x72 and the Screenshot file is 395x295.

I’m running 2 types of Ripples. One is the default (Blue screen - ripples.swf) and the other is called WaterRipples (by wSatori), which can be customizable to display a video background, pebbles, still images...etc.

You can find it here:

wSatori's WaterRipples

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jason said...

hi,thanks for your sharing the great apploader , but i facing a problem that if i load a flash with sound effet when i quit the flash(eg,musical squares) the sound won`t end, ti will keep playing the can i fix tis? thanks a lot.