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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The DSI Project - Part 2

The DSI Project - Demo Reel from Paul D'Intino on Vimeo.

Hello Again! It's been a long time between posts I know, but I have finally had some time to record the performance of my latest multi-touch table 'The DSI Project' - still haven't come up with a better name =)

This is a Demo Reel of a 32" Multi-touch table showcasing some of the applications used in DIY setups.

Music is by 'The XX's' (website:

This video is also available on YouTube:

I have also included a diagram explaining the order of the LCD & Touch 'Layers'.
NOTE: The 3 Diffuser Layers are the factory sheets included with the LCD. I had tried variations of using only one or 2, but the result was better with 3 in the end.

As always, stay tuned for more!


Björn said...

Hey I was wondering how you got the full Microsoft Surface software. I only found a few surface apps but you seem touse the original Surface scroler how did you get that.

Greetings From Germany

Paul D'Intino said...

Hey there, for a full guide check out Mashinegun's blog:

It has all the information you need to do exactly that =)

Kasinator said...

I am a little bit confused how this is supposed to work. How does the camera see through the LCD screen?

hrwilliam said...

Hi Paul, could you tell me how you got the camera to see blobs through the layers? Does one of the diffuser layers go on top of the LCD lights?