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Friday, October 10, 2008

POP!mt - A Multi-touch Bubble Wrap Game (Beta 3.1)

POP!mt (Beta 3.1) is now a Multi-player Bubble wrap game for 1-4 Players.

How to Play:

The aim is to pop all your bubbles before the other players do.
The first player to do so will be prompted with a “Player x Wins” screen.
Pressing Reset clears the canvas of pressed bubbles and starts the game again.

What's New?

- New Player VS CPU 'timed' mode
- Added 'Exit' and 'Continue' buttons
- Selection of 'Widescreen' or 'Normal' table format

Check out the screenshots below and like always, feedback is welcomed!

Download: POP!mt 3.1 Beta (1.8Mb)

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