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Monday, September 8, 2008

TouchEarth Name Change

Due to a confusion between the NUI developed Application called TouchEarth by Pawel Solyga which is an interface to Google Earth and touchEarth~NWW Edition that Taha and I have developed, we have decided to change the name of our application from touchEarth~NWW Edition to touch~WorldWind aka touchWW, to stop any confusion from occuring between the 2 excellent applications.


nambro said...

i am Nam, student on HighSchool in Berlin, Germany.
I want to introduce the Wiimote Whiteboard to our school to enhance learning in our lessons.
For this purpose i am searching for more software for
1. educational purposes that could profit from a touch interface like browsing in Google Earth in Geography or modeling 3D molecules in Cheministry.
2. MultiTouch Application for demonstration and Media Management.
Could you help me?

Paul D'Intino said...

Hello Nam,

It's great that you are venturing into the Multi-touch world with the WiiMote.

Have you seen this link?

This option uses a program called GlovePie to write specific code that can be used with the WiiMote.
Many of us on this forum have written code using GlovePie to control the Wiimote.
I would suggest that the multi-touch software needed to create or control the types of
applications mentioned below could be performed using this application.

Hope this helps,